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AI Agents - March towards decentralization

· 2 min read

March update

At the heart of blockchain lies decentralization. Where transactions happen directly without the oversight of any central authorities. Yet, reality is different where it is patchwork on different isolated networks—introducing Mettalex's AI Agent, which provides a solution to bridge this isolated/divided network not with fancy infrastructure but with Intelligence and Autonomy. Let us deep dive into this blog series of Future of DeFi Trading about AI Agents and how mettalex march towards decentralization.

AI Agents: The Unseen Workforce of Decentralized Trading

AI Agents are like personal Assistants, like Jarvis in the Marvel Universe or Batman's loyal butler, Alfred. They operate silently in the background, executing tasks with precision and dedication. Deployable anywhere by anyone.

You can deploy your AI Agents on any system, such as your PC, laptop, smartphone, or even Raspberry Pi board, and start Autonomous trading.

AI Agents don't rely on third-party services, ensuring that your trading strategies remain autonomous, anonymous, and, most importantly, in your control.

Mettalex: Empowerment Through Ownership

In Mettalex, you're not merely a user; you're the ruler of your realm. AI agents belong exclusively to you, executing trades, implementing trading strategies you define, monitoring market conditions on your behalf, and seamlessly executing trades across various blockchains, all while ensuring anonymity and autonomy.

A Simple Example: Alice and Bob's Decentralized Trade

Imagine Alice wants to trade her Ethereum for Bob's Bitcoin. In a conventional setup, this would involve navigating complex exchanges, dealing with slippage, and paying hefty fees.

With Mettalex, Alice and Bob deploy their AI agents (wherever they prefer), which autonomously find the best trade conditions and execute the exchange directly, without intermediaries or a single point of failure. Think of all your agents forming a network like Torrents do, they are autonomous and interconnected with independent strategies enabling decentralization. But here they are smart; agents execute trades on your behalf while you remain in full control.

As we march towards a truly decentralized future, Mettalex stands at the forefront, harnessing the power of AI agents to dismantle the barriers that have long kept blockchain networks apart. We invite you to join us by signing up for the private beta release.