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April '24 Update

· 3 min read

Monthly Community Update: April

The latest community update from the Mettalex team!

April update

Welcome to the Mettalex April Community Update! This month has been groundbreaking for us. We're pleased to share the latest achievements, initiatives, and milestones that mark our progress in this exciting journey.

Mettalex secures 1 Million USD worth of FET from community funding pool

Firstly, we extend our heartiest gratitude to all the Validators community members for the resounding approval of our funding proposal. This success marks a massive milestone of securing 1 million USD worth of FET tokens, setting the stage for accelerated growth and innovation.

Checkout the blog.

Engaging Insights: AMA with Leadership

We have bought the excellent AMA session in association with Our CEO and founder, Humayun Sheikh, and our Head of Business Development, Maria, dived deep into the workings of Mettalex, sharing our direction along with the community funding proposal. The participation was phenomenal, and we cherish our direct connection with our users.

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Mettalex Roadmap Released

The Mettalex roadmap is now live, and it's not just a plan; it's our commitment to you. Throughout our journey through each Quarter of 2024, we detailed the innovative features and milestones to enhance our platform.

Take a look at our Roadmap.

Future of DeFi Trading: The Mettalex Blog Series

Curious about Mettalex and its tech and how it will revolutionize DeFi space. No Worries! We have started a new blog series, Unveiling the key features and USPs of Mettalex, which was crafted to make the complexities of DeFi trading accessible to all. Our latest entries cover zero slippage trading and the value of no liquidity pools.

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Scalable System Testing

Our system underwent rigorous stress tests to involve over 200 unique accounts to ensure our platform can handle a high volume of trades simultaneously without a hitch. These tests are crucial in guaranteeing that Mettalex is robust and capable of scaling to meet the demands of our growing community.

Take a look at our advanced orderbook functionality.

Refining Mettalex GPT

We've been tweaking the AI's algorithms to understand and execute trade prompts with even greater accuracy and efficiency with Mettalex GPT. The goal is to create an AI that can process complex trading strategies articulated in plain language, making DeFi accessible to everyone, regardless of their experience level.

See what is cooking here.

Focus on Scaling

As more users join the Mettalex ecosystem, scaling has become a focal point of our technical Roadmap. We're implementing backend improvements to ensure that our infrastructure is stable and flexible enough to accommodate our vision for the future. With this scaling efforts Mettalex will be the go-to platform where users can trade freely without worrying about system overloads or slow transaction times.

We appreciate your continued support and engagement. These updates aim to make Mettalex more resilient, efficient, and user-friendly. Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the coming month.