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August '23 Update

· 3 min read

Mettalex Community Update - August

The latest community update from the Mettalex team!

August update

Hello Mettalex Community,

As we wrap up another productive month, we're excited to share our latest updates and advancements with you. We’ve been working hard on various fronts to make Mettalex the most secure, efficient, and user-friendly P2P order book DEX. Here's a quick rundown of what we've been up to.

MTLX Reimbursement Completed

The reimbursement process for users who previously encountered issues with MTLX token withdrawals on Mettalex is now successfully completed. Additional compensations have been provided as a testament to our commitment to the community. The community's patience and ongoing support throughout this process have been invaluable, and we wish to express our deepest appreciation.

Ongoing Discussions with Multiple Exchanges for MTLX Listing

We are thrilled to inform you that discussions are ongoing with multiple exchanges to list our MTLX token. This is a strategic move aimed at increasing liquidity, enhancing price discovery, and giving more users access to our token.

Discussion on Regulations

We're actively engaged in discussions around regulatory considerations to ensure that we remain compliant and adaptable to the evolving landscape. While we can't share specifics at this time, please know that we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of trust and security for our community.

Security Middleware:

In light of the increasing threats in the decentralized world, we are developing a Security Middleware layer that will add an extra layer of protection for all transactions happening on the Mettalex platform. We’re in the final stages of testing and you can expect to see it integrated soon.

Technical Documentation [V1 in Review]

The first version of our technical documentation is nearing completion and is currently under review. This comprehensive guide will include architecture diagrams, user journeys, and more to provide a detailed understanding of the Mettalex system. We're committed to keeping it updated regularly, and we aim to release it soon.

3rd Party Strategy Implementation on Agents [Strategy V1]

Currently working on enabling third-party strategy integration with our agents. This will allow users to deploy strategies on cloud services like AWS or GCP and interact through predefined endpoints. The aim is to give agents the ability to act based on these user-defined strategies.

Testing the System with Multiple Agents

We have been rigorously testing the system with multiple agents to identify any areas of improvement. This allows us to make timely updates and ensure a seamless user experience.

Event Fetcher Library for Fetch Network Event Polling: Made it More Generic

We've enhanced our Fetch Network Event Polling library, initially developed for Mettalex. It now has broader capabilities to efficiently fetch and filter network events for diverse use cases.

We plan to introduce this updated library alongside a blog post, aiming to provide a useful tool for the wider Fetchai developer community.

Agent persistence

To improve our system’s robustness, we have been working on implementing agent persistence. This feature will ensure that the agents running various operations on the Mettalex platform can be shut down and re-instantiated again without any breaking changes to the system.

Private Demos to Potential Partners

We’ve been busy showcasing the capabilities of Mettalex to potential strategic partners. These private demos are a key step toward broadening our ecosystem and establishing partnerships that add value to our community.

We appreciate your continued support and engagement. These updates are aimed at making Mettalex more resilient, efficient, and user-friendly. Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the coming month.