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February '24 Update

· 3 min read

Mettalex Community Update - February

The latest community update from the Mettalex team!

February update

Greetings Mettalex Community!

As we leap into February, the Mettalex team has been tirelessly working to bring you updates and improvements across the board. From website revamps to engaging community events, here's what's been happening in our ecosystem.

Hiring for UX/UI Designer

We're searching for a creative UX/UI Designer to enhance our Platform's user experience, making DeFi trading intuitive and accessible. Interested in designing the future of finance? Reach out to us or keep an eye on our Careers page.

Website Makeover

We are excited to announce the launch of our revamped website with a fresh and modern look; our platform now offers an enhanced user experience with complete information about Mattalex. Dive in to explore the sleek new design of Mettalex's Official website.

Community Showcase Success

Last month, we hosted our most anticipated community showcase, and it was a fantastic success! We want to extend a massive thank you to everyone who participated, shared insights, and engaged with our team. Your enthusiasm fuels our mission. We will soon be sharing the recorded demo along with v2 of the new website.

Exclusive Demo for Private Partners

Following our Community showcase, We've also conducted an exclusive demo for our private partners, highlighting our latest milestone achievements. This has been well received by the partners.

YouTube Channel Launch

Missed our Community Showcase? No worries! We've launched the official Mettalex YouTube Channel, where you can catch up on all the action. Subscribe to Mettalex's YouTube for Demos, tutorials, event recordings, and insightful content.

Anticipating Private Release

The excitement doesn't stop there! We're currently scaling the Mettalex platform to welcome more users for testing. Keep an eye out for the early access form coming your way soon. This is your chance to get a firsthand look at the future of decentralized trading.

Event Highlights

Our own Mehul took the stage at the prestigious IEEE Blockchain Conference in Pune, India, presenting Mettalex and demonstrating how we're revolutionizing DeFi with autonomous agents. His talk not only shed light on our unique value proposition but also placed Mettalex on the map among industry leaders and innovators.

Scaling for Success

As Mettalex welcomes more users for testing, our team is intensively focused on enhancing system scalability. We're committed to ensuring the platform remains stable and efficient, adapting to increased demand without compromising on performance.

Tech Updates

Our team is enthusiastically dedicating efforts to enhance the system's stability and scalability in preparation for our exclusive private launch. This involves deep engagement with Kubernetes (K8s), system optimization, and thoughtful refactoring to ensure top-notch performance. Furthermore, we are committed to innovating user experience by making each user unit self-contained, aiming for complete decentralization.

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