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January '24 Update

· 4 min read

Mettalex Community Update - January

The latest community update from the Mettalex team!

January update

Happy New Year to all in the Mettalex community! As we enter into an exciting New Year filled with possibilities and opportunities, we are thrilled to share the latest updates and progress made in the Mettalex ecosystem.

This month has been buzzing with activities, from strategic developments in our token utility to technical advancements that promise to elevate our platform to new heights. Let's dive into the exciting journey we embark on this January.

MTLX Utility Discussion and Release

We started the year by giving our $MTLX token a boost. Thanks to your feedback and deep discussions, we've added more ways to use $MTLX in our ecosystem. We've expanded the utility of $MTLX. It's not just for governance anymore – now, it's a big part of how users interact with our platform.

Explore Our Updated Mettalex Utility

MTLX Tokenomics Revamp

We've also taken a close look at how $MTLX works economically. We've carefully revamped the $MTLX tokenomics. The elimination of Liquidity pool in the new system design marks a paradigm shift from traditional systems, also affecting tokenomics. This new system, inturn, revamps tokenomics by locking 80% of the MTLX token for over-collateralization of commodities ensuring a solid & tangible monetary backing for every commodity on our platform.

Explore Our Redesigned Mettalex Tokenomics

Please note, the details and specifics of this new token distribution model for the Mettalex ($MTLX) ecosystem are preliminary and subject to potential adjustments, based on ongoing reviews, community feedback, and evolving market conditions.

Progressing Towards a Scalable System on Cosmos

One of our major technical milestones this month is the near completion of transitioning to a scalable system on the Cosmos network. This significant upgrade will empower Mettalex with enhanced efficiency and scalability, catering to the evolving demands of the DeFi sector and ensuring a superior trading experience for our users.

Meet the Mettalex Team

Enhancements in UI for Greater Accessibility

At Mettalex, user experience is paramount. We have implemented several minor yet impactful UI enhancements aimed at improving platform accessibility. These updates are a testament to our ongoing commitment to providing a user-friendly and intuitive interface for our diverse community.

Anticipation for the Private Release

The excitement is solid as we gear up for the much-awaited private release of Mettalex in January. This phase is crucial, showcasing the latest features and functionalities refined by our team. Stay tuned for the Early Access Form.

Sneak Peek-Upcoming Showcase

Get a glimpse of our dynamic Agent Network, where you see your agents engage with others within the Mettalex Ecosystem. Anticipate the excitement as we prepare for the upcoming community showcase!

Agent update

Mettalex Website Makeover

Big news – we're giving the Mettalex website a major makeover! Our team is working hard to revamp the site, making it more user-friendly, informative, and visually appealing. Watch for the new look designed to enhance your experience with Mettalex. Thank you to our community members for all the suggestions.

Ongoing Strategic Partnerships

We are continuously engaging in discussions with potential partners to explore synergies and collaborative opportunities that will further enhance the Mettalex ecosystem.

Engagement with CEX

Our team is in active discussions with several leading Centralized Exchanges (CEX) for potential listing of the $MTLX token, aiming to increase accessibility, increasing liquidity, and enhancing token utility.

Participation in Key Industry Events

In 2023, Mettalex has made an enormous presence at key industry events, fostering connections and sharing insights on the future of DeFi. It will attend several prominent blockchain and DeFi events in 2024. We will present our platform and engage with industry leaders to foster relationships and gain insights. Stay Tuned for the announcement of specific event details, which is coming shortly.

As we continue our journey in 2024, our commitment to innovation, security, and community engagement remains unwavering. The Mettalex team is grateful for your continued support and enthusiasm. Together, we are united to redefine the DeFi and DEX landscape. Thank you for being a vital part of our journey, and stay tuned for more exciting updates!