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June '24 Update

· 2 min read

Monthly Community Update : June

The latest community update from the Mettalex team!

Hello Mettalex Community,

June has been a fantastic month with significant milestones and exciting developments. Here's what has been happening in the Mettalex universe.

June update

Mettalex Explainer Video

We are excited to announce the release of our new Mettalex Explainer Video! This video provides a clear and concise overview of what Mettalex is all about and how our cutting-edge technology is transforming the DeFi space. Check it out here.

Mettalex Team offsite

Our team gathered for a productive offsite last month, a fantastic opportunity for collaboration and innovation. Check out some cool pictures. Check it out here.

Successful Demo at Berlin Blockchain Week

Mettalex made a significant impact at the Berlin Blockchain Week. Our business development head has successfully demonstrated our platform's capabilities. Check it out here.

Mettalex Private Beta Rollout

Mettalex Private Beta access was successfully rolled out last month! Selected participants are now exploring the new features and capabilities of our platform. This step is crucial as we fine-tune Mettalex based on honest user feedback to ensure a robust official launch.

If you haven't enrolled for the private beta, apply here.

Platform Development Updates

Cross-Chain Architecture Development

We've initiated work on cross-chain architecture, aiming to equip Mettalex platform for trading across different blockchains. This development will facilitate seamless trading of a diverse range of assets on our platform. We hope to soon release this architecture for community to understand better.


MTLX GPT is in the final testing stage before it is available for the private beta release. Stay tuned for this feature release to explore.

Price Graphs

We are in process to price graphs to our platform to improve user experience and provide traders with valuable market insights. These graphs offer real-time price data and historical analysis, helping you make more informed trading decisions.

Middleware Architecture

Learn more about Mettalex middleware Architecture, Which is available on the docs now. Check it out here.

Thank you all for your continued support and enthusiasm. Your engagement and feedback help us make Mettalex better each day. Stay tuned for more updates, and keep trading smartly!

Warm regards,

The Mettalex Team