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March '24 Update

· 3 min read

Mettalex Community Update - March

The latest community update from the Mettalex team!

March update

Welcome to the March edition of our Mettalex Monthly Community Update! We've seen remarkable milestones, launched new initiatives, and continued to strengthen our community bonds. Let's dive into the highlights.

Upcoming AMA on YouTube

Stay tuned for our next AMA session, which we plan to host on YouTube for the first time. This will provide a more interactive and engaging platform for our community to connect and have their questions answered, especially regarding AnyMTLX.

Roadmap Release

We’re excited to announce that our detailed and finalized roadmap will be released soon. This document will outline our vision, upcoming features, and the strategic direction of Mettalex.


In our forthcoming AMA, we will directly address community queries and concerns regarding AnyMTLX tokens. We're dedicated to transparency and solutions that safeguard our community's interests. Our CEO will directly provide resolution on this matter.

Drafting Proposal for Fetch Community Pool

We’re in the process of drafting a proposal to secure funding from the Fetch community pool. This funding will significantly contribute to product development, marketing, and liquidity provision.

Twitter Blue

We're thrilled to announce that Mettalex is officially verified on Twitter! Our blue checkmark symbolizes authenticity and a milestone in our journey to bring revolutionary DeFi solutions to the forefront. Follow us @Mettalex for the latest updates, insights, and community engagements.

Website V2 Launch

The launch of our revamped website marks a new chapter for Mettalex. With an excellent design, improved navigation, and enriched content, including a career page and an About Us section. We're enhancing your experience on our platform. Check out here

Platform Development Updates

Orderbook Implementation

We’ve successfully integrated an advanced orderbook model, enhancing our platform's trading efficiency and user experience. This significant leap forward allows for more dynamic and precise trading strategies.

Exploring Prompt-Based Trading with LLM

Our team is working on Large Language Models (LLM) for prompt-based trading. This pioneering approach aims to simplify complex trading strategies through natural language prompts, making DeFi more accessible for everyone.

Gearing Up for Private Beta Release

Intensive internal testing is underway to ensure a seamless and robust private beta launch. The Public private release should be out in couple of days.

Hiring Update

Our search for a creative UX/UI Designer continues! We're on the lookout for someone with a passion for design and innovation in the DeFi space. Do you know the perfect candidate? Spread the word! Or share

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm for Mettalex. Your involvement is key to our collective success, and we're excited to journey into the future of DeFi trading together. Let's keep the conversation going—share your thoughts and feedback with us on