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MTLX Token Utility

The Mettalex token ($MTLX) is the token for Mettalex P2P exchange, which will play a crucial role in the functioning of the Mettalex ecosystem. The token is primarily distributed over the Ethereum network as an ERC20 token (contract address: 0x2e1e15c44ffe4df6a0cb7371cd00d5028e571d14). The $MTLX token is expected to have multiple use cases:


$MTLX token holders possess governance rights, enabling them to influence the direction and policies of the Mettalex platform. This includes voting on proposals for upgrades, fee structures, and the addition of new commodities or assets to trade.

Transaction fees on Mettalex

Transactions on the Mettalex platform, including trades, position openings, and closures, incur fees. These fees are payable in $MTLX, which helps maintain the token's intrinsic value and demand. A portion of these fees might be burned or redistributed to token holders.

Accessing premium services

Mettalex will also offer premium features such as advanced trading tools, detailed analytics, custom strategies, preferred trading, and more. Access to these services requires payment in $MTLX tokens, ensuring that active and invested users gain additional benefits.

Trade agent hosting services

Trade agents form an essential component of Mettalex, enabling matchmaking and trading on behalf of users. Mettalex also aims to provide agent hosting as an optional service, which takes off the burden of maintaining and running agents locally. Payment for these services would be in $MTLX, providing a seamless experience.

Minimum balance to trade on Mettalex

To maintain the integrity and quality of the trading environment, Mettalex may require users to hold a minimum balance of $MTLX tokens either in escrow or in agents. This requirement helps mitigate spam and frivolous trading accounts, ensuring that the platform's users are genuinely invested in its success and longevity.

Social trading fees and rewards

Mettalex might implement a social trading feature, allowing users to follow the trades of experienced and successful traders. Fees for following a trader or accessing their strategies would be payable in $MTLX, and successful traders might receive rewards in $MTLX for sharing their expertise.

In summary, the $MTLX token is not just a medium of exchange within the Mettalex ecosystem; it's a fundamental component that drives participation, governance, and value creation. As the platform evolves and expands, the utility of the $MTLX token is expected to grow correspondingly.

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Note: This page is currently under development and may be subject to change.